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The History of Pediatric Dentistry

July 11, 2023

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child smiling and giving thumbs up while visiting pediatric dentist

Ensuring a vibrant smile involves a crucial step: regular dental visits. These biannual appointments safeguard your smile’s health and prevent oral issues. However, children necessitate distinctive care compared to adults. This is where a pediatric dentist shines, with their specialized knowledge in nurturing developing smiles. But have you ever wondered how they got their start? Delve into the evolution of pediatric dentistry to understand its journey and how it has evolved over time.


Don’t Let These Things Near Your Child’s Smile!

May 6, 2023

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a child biting into a block

When it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy smile, brushing and flossing are pretty important practices; however, they aren’t the only things you should be worrying about—especially if you’re also helping your child with their own oral health! Certain objects, foods and non-foods alike, pose a threat to smiles of all ages. Here are a few items your pediatric dentist thinks should stay away from your child’s mouth.


Making Dental Care Fun for Children

March 23, 2023

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Happy child in dentist’s chairResearch has found that early oral hygiene habits can lead to a lifetime of good dental health. However, getting your child to brush and floss their teeth can be a battle. Many children view them as a chore, which can mean rushing through their routine or skipping it altogether. Here are 5 tips approved by pediatric dentists to make oral hygiene fun for your child to nurture good dental habits for life.


5 Tips to Keep Your Child’s Mouthguard in Top Condition

February 16, 2023

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a boy with his mouthguard during football practice

Teaching your child how to take care of their teeth is essential…you want to see a beautiful, healthy smile for years to come! In addition to a daily oral hygiene routine, they will need to know how to take care of their mouthguard if they use one for sports or as protective wear at night. Their customized mouthguard keeps their pearly whites safe from harm so you want it to stay in top condition. Read on to learn about five helpful tips to keep a mouthguard clean and effective.


How to Pull your Child’s Baby Teeth

January 10, 2023

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small girl holding a loose tooth

When your child first got their baby teeth, they probably weren’t able to tell you what they were experiencing. When they start losing them, however, you probably won’t hear the end of it!

Losing teeth can be a strange sensation for kids, and parents may not know quite what to do about them. Here’s a guide on how to deal with a loose baby tooth and ease some of your child’s uncertainty.


How Do I Help My Teething Child Sleep?

December 16, 2022

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Portrait of a teething baby

It’s a cruel trick of parenting that just as your child starts to get better at sleeping, teething suddenly makes it impossible. The discomfort your child’s feeling from the pressure on their gums can cause a lot of difficulty in putting them to bed. There are plenty of different methods to help teething children sleep, some of which work better than others. If your tot’s having teething trouble, here are a few ways to put them at ease.


3 Tips to Maintain Your Child’s Smile During Cold & Flu Season

November 9, 2022

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a girl smiling during cold and flu season in Homewood

While the wintery months can bring about exciting snow days, they can also make it challenging for your child to stay in good health. Since this is the cold and flu season, many children end up missing school due to falling ill. Although helping them recover their bodily health is important, helping them keep their smile safe from cavities and bacteria is equally crucial. Read on to learn three tips for maintaining your little one’s pearly whites even while they’re fighting the cold or flu!


Can Children Get Sleep Apnea?

October 16, 2022

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Sleeping child holding stuffed animalDid you know sleep apnea isn’t just a condition that affects adults? Pediatric sleep apnea is more common than you might realize. There are two types of children’s sleep apnea: obstructive and central. Research has found that up to 11% of children have sleep apnea; however, around 90% aren’t diagnosed because signs of the breathing disorder can be difficult to detect. With 1 in 5 children having obstructive sleep apnea, here’s what you need to know about your child’s risk.


Back-to-School Tips to Prevent Dental Emergencies

September 4, 2022

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young boy with backpack smiling

The first day of school is right around the corner! With summer coming to an end, parents are starting to prepare their kids for their return to the classroom. From buying school supplies to figuring out your child’s schedule, there are many things to be done this time of the year. It’s easy to get lost amid the back-to-school preparations, but there’s one you shouldn’t put on the back burner – your child’s oral health. Read on to learn a few helpful tips to prevent dental emergencies from a dentist in Homewood.


Why Praising Kids for Brushing Their Teeth Matters

August 4, 2022

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parent encouraging child to brush teeth

Every parent knows what it’s like to try to make a child brush their teeth who doesn’t want to. There are a lot of items on the market designed to help in this regard, such as fancy brushes, apps, toys, etc. But research has shown that the best tool actually won’t cost you a thing – encouragement! Keep reading to learn from a pediatric dentist in Homewood why you should praise your child for handling brushing teeth on their own and how you should go about it.

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