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5 Facts About Children’s Dental Health Every Parent Should Know

June 17, 2021

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Being a parent is wonderful, exciting, fun, and sometimes, somewhat nerve-wracking! After all, your baby didn’t come with an instruction booklet. As you watch your little one grow and hit important milestones, you may be wondering what to expect. Their oral health may not be the first thing on your mind, but it’s still important to learn about to make sure your child has a happy, healthy smile for life. Read on to learn more about five important children’s dental health facts that every parent should know.

1.) Baby Teeth Come & Go According to a General Timeline

While the appearance and loss of a child’s baby teeth may seem random at first glance, they actually come and go according to a general timeline. Every child is different, but there are windows of time when you can expect certain teeth to erupt or fall out. For instance, the first teeth to come in are usually the lower front ones between 6-12 months old. Then, you can start expecting those little baby teeth to start falling out between the ages of 6-13, generally in the same order that they came in!

2.) Tooth Decay Is the #1 Most Common Childhood Disease

The CDC reports that tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease, being 5 times more common than asthma and 20 times more common than diabetes. From the weak enamel on baby teeth, to sugary children’s foods, to kids’ inability to thoroughly clean their teeth, there are a wide variety of reasons why children are at a higher risk of cavities.

3.) Cavities Are Common, But Can Be Prevented

Even though cavities are so common, they can be prevented! It’s essential to keep in mind that baby teeth are susceptible to decay as soon as they erupt. Make sure you start practicing great oral health habits with them right away to help keep their teeth strong. Also, never put your baby to bed with a bottle full of formula, milk, juice, or any other drink than water, as this causes what’s called baby bottle tooth decay.

4.) Children Should Get Their 1st Checkup By Their 1st Birthday

Many parents are surprised to hear that the American Dental Association recommends children coming in for their first checkup by the time they turn one. These early visits give your child’s dentist a chance to catch any oral health problems as early as possible and teach you how to best care for your little one’s oral health.

5.) Candy Isn’t the Only Cause of Cavities

Sugary sweets aren’t the only thing to look out for when protecting your child from cavities. Snacks loaded with carbohydrates, like crackers, bread, and cereal, cause tooth decay just as quickly and easily as sugar. Additionally, make sure the juice your child drinks is real, 100% fruit juice that isn’t loaded with additional sweeteners.

There’s a lot to keep in mind when it comes to keeping your child’s oral health on track. Thankfully, you’re not alone! Visit your Birmingham children’s dentist every six months for the support and guidance you need.  

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If you’re looking for a kind, experienced, and down-to-Earth dentist who will truly care for your child’s smile, look no further than Dr. Angelica Rohner. As a mother of four and a Diplomat of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, she has plenty of advanced training and real-life experience caring for the unique oral healthcare needs of children. She will be happy to come alongside you to help you keep your child’s precious smile happy and healthy as it grows. To learn more, she can be contacted via her website or at (205) 870-0892.

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