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Are Your Kids Afraid of Seeing Their Pediatric Dentist in Birmingham?

December 2, 2018

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Young boy smiling.Dental fear is a common problem among adults, but it definitely affects kids more. Whether they’re uncertain, don’t like strangers, don’t understand why dental care is important, or so much more, it is common for children to be afraid of the dentist. However, there are ways that you as a parent can help your kids to overcome their dental anxiety, which will dramatically increase their chances of maintaining good oral health in the future. Keep reading to learn some helpful tips from your pediatric dentist in Birmingham on how to help your kids stay relaxed at the dentist’s office.

What Causes Your Child’s Dental Fear?

Children may be anxious or fearful about the dentist for many reasons, but a large part of their influence comes from you! Parents transfer their fears to their kids, whether you know it or not. That’s why you can have a huge impact on the way your child views their dentist. Other common reasons for your child’s fear may be:

  • Sight or feeling of dental tools
  • Fear of pain or a painful experience
  • Emotions concerned with possible threats
  • Feeling uncomfortable in the dental setting
  • Culture
  • Recurring thoughts
  • Family relationships
  • Inadequate preparation

What Can You Do to Help?

Your kids may exhibit their dental fear in a variety of ways, but even the most fearful children can improve their anxiety with some help from you!

Create a Friendly Image of Your Pediatric Dentist

When preparing your child for their dental visit, avoid telling them about any negative experiences you’ve had. You can explain to them that the better they take care of their teeth, the more they can show off their smile to their dentist. Get them used to oral healthcare by providing them with fun toothbrushes and toothpastes.

The dentist will do their part to explain why oral healthcare is important. Plus, if you have a good pediatric dentist, they’ll have a friendly disposition to make children more comfortable and relaxed.

Visits to the Dentist

Taking your loved ones to a dental visit as early as their first birthday will get the familiar with the dentist’s office. Also, most pediatric dentists have kid-friendly environments to make the experience more fun and less scary. You should have a pediatric dentist that you are comfortable with, so you can have an open dialogue about your child’s dental anxiety.

Communication between you and your child is the best way to keep them prepared and less anxious about their oral healthcare. Remind them about how important it is to take care of their teeth, but always keep it fun and positive.

Now that you know some easy tips on how to keep your kids relaxed for their dental visits, do you have their appointments scheduled for 2019? Contact your pediatric dentist to keep your kids’ smiles pearly white and healthy.

Meet the Dentist

Dr. Angelica R. Rohner is a board-certified pediatric dentist who even received her undergraduate degree in early child development and education. This, combined with her advanced degree in pediatric dentistry, makes her an expert in relieving dental anxiety in children. She currently runs her own practice, and she can be contacted through her website or by phone at (205) 870-0892 for any questions.

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